Our story;

Our olives and saffron are harvested from our farm in the Kazdağları region. We collect the olives at the first light of the morning using special methods in the early harvest period by mechanical method. Olives are carefully selected one by one for this precious formula. The first squeeze of the harvest. After producing the olives with high polyphenols, we take them into storage, and the olive oils resting in special tanks start to wait for the saffron harvest.
After carefully growing our saffron in our gardens at the summit of Kazdağ Mountains, we collect it by hand one by one and take the 3 sting fibers separated from the leaves into drying process after 15 mg.
Dried saffron is put in 15 ml bottles under hygienic conditions. 15 ml (equivalent to 1 tablespoon) + 15mg Saffron per day will start to make quality changes in our lives. The aroma of saffron, which is developed in university lab, is extracted and makes olive oil more effective.
Our saffron is grown in our fields in Vadikazdağları farms. Our saffron, which is grown in the foothills of Kazdağları, has a high rate of saffanol antioxidants. Saffranol is an important antioxidant and has been proven to be good for depression.
You can have a quality and healthy life in this formula where we combine saffron and olive oil.




Saffron Infused Olive oil

2% saffron flavor

Saffron Olive Oil


This rich-content formula mixture, which we have created as a cure for 7 days, is a herbal effective treatment method against stress and depression, which has a great place in your and all people’s lives. We want to offer you a quality life with the product content saffron we have developed in Fresh Future.

We combined the benefits of saffron with the benefits of Olive Oil.

How to Use?

There are 7 (15ml) Saffron Olive Oil in the box.


Early Harvest

Early harvest oils have a longer shelf life than ripe harvest oils because the antioxidant properties of the poly-phenols slow the onset of rancidity.

Cold Pressed

In the broad sense, Cold-Pressed Olive Oil is the type of olive oil that has not been thermally modified to the point its sensory and chemical features have been negatively altered.

High Polyphenol

High-polyphenol EVOO is at the top of its class when it comes to combating chronic diseases and other health woes.

Chrome Steel Tank

We keep our olive oil in chrome tanks filled with nitrogen so oxygen does not oxidate our oils.


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