There are five different types or grades of olive oil as classified by the International Olive Oil Council. Olive oils are classified by many different variables such as free fatty acid, antioxidant levels, smoke point and the type of refining that is done during production to create the olive oil. The best tasting and less refined type of olive oil is extra virgin olive oil.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest grade and best tasting out of all olive oils. To be certified as extra virgin the olive oil must follow a strict production process and the end-product must have a specific taste and chemical composition.
– Must come from the first-pressing of fresh olives, within 24-48 hours of harvest.
– Must be extracted by non-chemical or mechanical means, and without the use of excessive heat. – The free fatty acid or acidity level must be less than 0.8 grams per 100 gram. – It must be defect free – having a perfect taste and aroma.



Virgin Olive Oil also comes from the first-press, but its free fatty acid or acidity level is less than 2.0 grams per 100 grams with reduce anti-oxidants therefore it is of a lesser quality than extra virgin olive oil. It has a less intense and milder flavor than extra virgin olive oil.



These olive oils have been refined by using chemical agents such as acids, alkalis, and heat to extract as much oil as possible from the olive pulp that remains after the first-press. This olive oil is a blend of fattier and more acidic oils with free fatty acid or acidity level less than 0.3 grams per 100 grams. This olive oil lacks taste, aroma and natural antioxidants. Producers usually add unrefined extra virgin or virgin olive oil to this oil to inject some of the flavor, color and aroma into the blend lost in the refining process.

Terms such as “pure” or “light” are made-up terms used by producers and supermarkets. If the label states “pure” or “Light” then the olive oil is a refined one which lacks the purity of an extra virgin olive oil.



Pomace olive oil is the lowest grade of olive oil made from the byproducts of extra virgin olive oil production. Olive skins, seeds and pulp are heated, and the remaining oil is extracted using a chemical refining process like pure or light olive oil. Pomace olive oil is bland and extremely low in antioxidants and its free fatty acid or acidity level is less than 1 gram per 100 grams.



Is an olive oil with severe product defects. It is created from bad olives or through poor processing practices. Lampante oil is not fit for human consumption until it has been refined.



Nothing is wrong with your olive oil if it is cloudy. Olive oil is liquid at room temperature, but when it is chilled, it begins to thicken and eventually congeal around 45°F. The olive oil was most likely exposed to a cold temperature during shipping or maybe even in your home, causing this to occur. It will return to its normal clarity and consistency, with no loss of quality, flavor, or shelf life when it warms to room temperature. This process can take a few hours or days.


We don’t recommend refrigerating olive oil as it can take several hours for it to return to its normal clarity, consistency, flavor and aroma.


Because olive oil is a natural product made from the juice of olives – air, light, and heat are its enemies. Prolonged exposure to air, strong light, or a high temperature in the storage area will shorten the life of the olive oil. We recommend that olive oils be stored tightly capped, away from any source of light or heat, and inside a closed kitchen cabinet.


There are three reference points located on the top left-hand side of our labels on our bottles, the top of our tins, and the back of olive oil and date pouches. P = the date of Production (month/day/year). E = the Product Expiration date (month/day/year). L = Lot number. This Product expiration date reflects our estimate of when your olive oil might be expected to start “going bad.”

Because our olive oils are a natural fruit juice, grown and packed without preservatives, the actual usable life can vary. Under ideal storage conditions, your olive oil may last beyond the indicated Product Expiration date. Under unfavorable storage conditions such as prolonged exposure to air, light, or heat, it’s possible the olive oil could go bad beforehand.

We recommend using your olive oil or consuming your dates before the Product Expiration date. Please remember that all olive oil is best when used within the first three months of the date opened. We also recommend that you smell and taste the olive oil each time you use it, as you would for any other perishable food product. This is your best guide for freshness. We recommend storing your olive oil tightly capped in a cool dark place to keep it as fresh as possible. Please see our olive oil storage tips for more information.

What Happens If I’m Not At The Address When The Cargo Arrives?2021-04-11T16:12:18+03:00

If you are not present at your address, your order will be delivered to the nearest Domestic Cargo branch. You can receive your order from the branch within two days. If not received, the product returns to Freshfuture and no re-shipping.

Which Cargo Company Are You Working with?2021-04-11T16:12:02+03:00

All domestic orders you create through Freshfuture.com.tr are shipped with Domestic Cargo company.

Where’s my cargo?2021-04-11T16:11:48+03:00

After placing your order, you can follow your order from the Domestic Cargo website or from the nearest Domestic Cargo branch with the tracking number to be transmitted to you by sms or mail.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Receiving My Cargo?2021-04-11T16:11:34+03:00
When receiving your package from the shipping company, check for any problems with the product package such as crushing, tearing, wet, etc. If there is a problem in this way, open the product next to the incoming courier and request a Damage Assessment Report for damage if it exists, and then report the situation to our customer service.
How much is the shipping cost?2021-04-11T16:11:10+03:00

Shipping is free for all domestic delivery orders of 250 TL or more in Freshfuture. An additional shipping fee of 9.99 TL for basket amounts under 250 TL.

How many Days Does My Order Arrive?2021-04-11T16:10:32+03:00

All orders you have created at Freshfuture.com.au until 15:00 are shipped within 2 working days. The delivery time varies depending on the distance and intensity of the region you are connected to. Average delivery time is 3 days.

How Safe Is My Information at Freshfuture.com.tr ?2021-04-11T16:07:38+03:00

Your information is completely secure at Freshfuture.com.au. Your credit card information is only used at the purchase stage and is not registered for any other transactions. Freshfututure.com.tr uses an SSL Security Certificate that secures information transmitted by 256-bit encryption.

How Safe Is Shopping at Freshfuture.com.tr?2021-04-11T16:07:18+03:00

Freshfuture.com.truses shopify (USA) Inc., one of the world’s most advanced and secure e-commerce server providers, to make your Freshfuture.com.tr safer. This delivers a secure data flow as well as a fast, seamless internet exchange experience. In addition, bbdk licensed and PCI DSS Certified Turkey’s most advanced payment system, iyzico easy payment payment system is used for credit / atm card payments.

In Which Cases Is Refund Not Accepted?2021-04-11T16:06:38+03:00

If the box of the product is damaged and the tape, type, etc. is applied, refunds are not accepted.

In addition, the product sent for return is not used, price and brand labels are removed, refund is not accepted.

No refunds cannot be made on orders sent back without a invoice.

When and How to Pay the Refund Fee?2021-04-11T16:06:20+03:00

If the return of the product to us in the return process has been carried out under the conditions deemed appropriate, the product price will be refunded to you in the following ways:

  • The price of the product is divided by the number of installments for installment purchases and your credit card is deposited by your bank every month. This procedure is determined entirely by your bank.
  • The amount to be returned on wire, eft, or paid orders at the door will be credited to the account number you will have given within 14 days from the date of contact with us.
How to Return and Change?2021-04-11T16:05:28+03:00

You can return a product you have purchased and not used with the product within 14 days from the date you received from the cargo, along with the invoice, box and all accessories to our following shipping address. There is no change in your purchases from our website. You can send the product you want to change to us as a refund, and you can create a new order for the product you want to replace.

Address for Return Operations :

Fresh Future

Tekke Mahallesi, Dereköy Cd. 10560 Havran / Balıkesir Türkiye

Tel : +90 532 315 37 67


+90 532 315 37 67





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